Hustler Fitness is Adelaide's Premier Personal Training located in North Adelaide, South Australia. 


We help our clients achieve transformational body changes with optimal personal training, fitness and lifestyle coaching. We commit fully to every client’s transformation and provide the resources to facilitate body transformation.

We believe every client is different and should be treated uniquely with tailored programming, workouts and coaching.  


Our body transformation programs offer guaranteed results for clients who are prepared to work hard and follow our coaching.

Our programs are built upon scientifically proven systems that are then tailored around your goals and lifestyle.

Our body transformations include: 

  • Weight Loss for Men 
  • Men’s Lean & Ripped
  • Weight Loss for Women
  • Women’s Bikini Body

All sessions are conducted personally by INBA fitness model Daniel Burford. 

Daniel Burford Adelaide Personal Trainer

Read more about head coach Daniel Burford here.

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Bikini Hustlers is a small group training class designed for one thing: the bikini body. Perfect for women looking to tighten and tone in a supportive, fun environment for women only.

With small group classes of no more than 6, Bikini Hustlers is a great way to experience fitness coaching while working towards the perfect bikini body.


Shredded Hustlers is group training that will add lean muscle, build abdominal definition while burning body fat. This makes the training perfect for men and women wanting to accelerate results and top up their personal training sessions.

Each class consists of no more than 6 other hustlers, ensuring you get enough personal attention while still having a blast in a team environment.


Level 1, North Adelaide Village Shopping Centre,
81 O'Connell Street,
North Adelaide, SA 5006