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Oxyshred Review - Is the Hype Justified?

Oxyshred Review - Is the Hype Justified?

Oxyshred by EHP Labs is a supplement that targets men and women seeking to lose weight, burn fat and achieve body composition changes in a short period of time.

Despite being a relatively new supplement, Oxyshred has become one of the most sought after and popular thermogenics of 2016. 

But is the hype justified?

In this Oxyshred review, I'll look at the pros and cons of Oxyshred and share some of my personal experiences from taking the supplement.

Let's begin with an introduction to Oxyshred.

Oxyshred Review by EHP Labs

Oxyshred is a thermogenic weight loss supplement by EHP Labs, which is intended to help boost metabolism for increased weight reduction and additionally serve as an effective supplement to upgrade vitality levels during workouts. That is, it aims to both assist in fat loss and serve as a pre workout.

Oxyshred Reviews

Oxyshred arrives in a 300g tub with 60 scoops of 5 grams, with a serving suggestion of 2 scoops for each day. The weight loss product offers an assortment of flavours including wild melon and pink grapefruit flavours, which are especially rare flavours to find in supplements.

EHP Labs does an impressive job of concealing the taste of the botanic ingredients, with the pink grapefruit flavour tasting tart compared to the sweet fruit-like taste of the other flavours. In contrast to other fat loss supplements on the market, Oxyshred leaves behind an almost no noticeable aftertastes.

Oxyshred Ingredients

EHP Labs' Oxyshred supplement combines a total of 16 major ingredients made up of 3 core compounds, including HyperLypolysis compounds which are effective as fat burning, metabolism boosting agents, immunity boosting compounds and mood enhancing compounds.

Oxyshred Supplement Facts Ingredients

Oxyshred also incorporates the full Vitamin B spectrum.

Major ingredients include:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: an energy booster, fatigue reliever as well as for reducing body fat.
  • Insulin Fiber: known for lowering cholesterol level and suppressing appetite.
  • Chromium Picolinate: sed for reducing blood sugar levels and insulin in type-2 diabetics.
  • African Wild Mang: controversial ingredient claiming to be one of the best fat reducing supplements on the market.
  • Higenamine HCL: used for enhanced athletic performance.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: contains Chlorogenic acid which has recently been proven to prevent calorie absorption around the stomach. It is also a source of caffeine, a compound known for enhancing energy levels, mood, and focus, as well getting rid of free fatty acids within the body during exercise.

Other ingredients include: Tyrosine, Taurine and caffeine for improved alertness, exercise performance and reduction of stress levels. What's more its Vitamin C and L-Glutamine compounds help increase immunity.

Oxyshred Benefits

Oxyshred Benefit #1: Weight Loss

Thanks to a combination of fat burning, metabolism boosting and energy enhancing ingredients, the supplement helps users in all the crucial aspects for a successful weight loss. From ingredients that curb hunger and cravings, boost immunity, enhance moods to those that even improve your mental functions.

OxyShred Review

It is not uncommon that factors such as fatigue, mental drain and lack of energy are primary reasons behind unsuccessful weight loss attempts. The ingredients in Oxyshred may assist by increasing motivation and enhancing mood.

Oxyshred Benefit #2: Safer Ingredients

EHP Labs takes an approach of focusing more on ingredients for increased levels of fat burning and metabolism, instead of plain stimulants. This means that in small doses, Oxyshred can be even be safe for those that are caffeine-intolerant.

Oxyshred Benefit #3: Fat Loss & Fat Burning

Oxyshred is an all round fat loss supplement that can be used as a fat burner as well as as pre-workout supplement. Because of its energy boosting components, it allows users to go even harder in their exercise routines, which equals more calorie burning.

Oxyshred Benefit #4: Taste

For those are concerned about taste, Oxyshred offers a variety of flavours to choose from including pink grapefruit, passion fruit, guava paradise, wild melon, mango and kiwi strawberry. Its pleasant taste means that using it will probably be an enjoyable experience and as a result easy to maintain in long-term for continued weight loss results.

Personally I found Oxyshred mango to be my favourite flavour.

Oxyshred Benefit #5: Thermogenic

EHP Labs' Oxyshred contains thermogenic properties which means you can choose to not exercise and you may still lose weight. Exercising usually increases the temperature of your body, leading to an increase in metabolism which in turn boosts the amount of calories burnt. Thermogenics may achieve similar same goals with or without exercise.

Oxyshred Benefit #6: Value for Money

Oxyshred bundles 60 scoops per tub, unlike most supplements which only offer between 30 and 50 scoops. This means that the fat loss supplement is adequate enough to last you at least a month.

Oxyshred Cons

Oxyshred Con #1: Confusing Ingredients

Oxyshred is made up of multiple proprietary formulas, which makes determining the quantity of each ingredient used in the supplement a difficult task and thus hard to establish how much dosage will actually be effective.

Oxyshred Con #2: Tolerance

Because of the variety of ingredients, you may need to take two scoops per day once you increase your tolerance. This is to ensure your body receives adequate amounts of the dynamic ingredients.

Oxyshred Con #3: Sweet Taste

If you are not into the sugary, sweet taste, then the available tastes may not be as pleasing. However, you can opt to mix the powder with a huge amount of water to mask the taste.

Is Oxyshred Worth Trying?

Based on our Oxyshred review, aside from the different needs and preferences that potential customers may have, in terms of its taste and huge ingredient inclusion, the EHP Labs supplement serves as a versatile weight loss supplement. Because of its thermogenic properties in most cases it is worth trying.

Thermogenic supplements have steadily gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts whether as pre-workout supplements or just simply as products to keep weight or excess body fat at bay.

Unlike typical fat burners which leave you frustrated after helping you shed those extra pounds, thermogenics use ingredients that help you increase your metabolism, curb hunger as well your boost mood level, which makes loosing weight an enjoyable experience that is also easy to maintain.

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