Taylor Lautner Workout: The Workout for a Lean & Muscular Physique

Taylor Lautner Workout: The Workout for a Lean & Muscular Physique

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When the movie Twilight emerged, guys around the world were left asking the question, "What is the Taylor Lautner workout?" Taylor single-handledly inspired thousands of men around the world to get serious about their fitness with his impressive body transformation - putting on 20lbs of muscle in under 3 months while getting six pack abs.

Taylor Lautner Abs

Want to know more how Taylor Lautner got so brawny with Taylor Lautner Workout?

This blog post will cover the Taylor Lautner workout, revealing his secrets to getting lean, muscular and shredded in under 3 months. 

Let's get started!

Introduction to the Taylor Lautner Workout

The main principle of the Taylor Lautner workout is versatility. We are looking at lifting various amount of weights in different reps, having different diet regimes and resting in between are just some of the things you want to do if you want to achieve what the famous star of Twilight has. After that, we'll dig into the whole matter thoroughly, so buckle up!

You should also consider to:

  • Put enough stress on your muscles, but don’t overdo it;
  • Refrain from the cardio exercises;
  • Feed properly;
  • Determine the optimal calorie input;

The Taylor Lautner Twilight Workout

The metamorphosis Taylor Lautner underwent between the Twilight and Twilight 2 is astounding. If you want to know exactly how he did it, follow his regime:

  • Your daily calorie intake should be a combination of your goal weight and the hours of workout per week plus 9.5 This will give you the strength and endurance to put up with his training system;
  • You should consume enough fat and protein (the number of proteins should be proportionate to your goal weight while the amount of fat should be half of it)
  • Your meals need a lot of variety;

The specific exercises he focused on are Swiss Ball pikes, Reverse Crunches, Swiss Ball Leg curl, Hanging Leg Raises, and Prone Cobra. As mentioned before, you must work on each muscle group separately.

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner Workout Routine

First of all, we need to clarify the goals of the Taylor Lautner workout routine and the equipment you will need. By doing the following exercises you will gain strength and mass, and you will need kettlebells, a squat rack, an exercise mat, a medicine ball, some dumbbells, and a barbell.

The Taylor Lautner Workout is comprised of beginner and intermediate-level exercises:

The beginner-level exercises:

  • Bench press, 3 sets of 6 reps, a minute of pause in between (focuses on chest; Equipment needed : Barbell and flat bench.
    • Cable Crossover, 3 sets of 6 reps, a minute of pause in between (focuses on chest); Equipment needed : Cable machine.

    • Dumbbell Fly, 3 sets of 6 reps, a minute of pause in between (focuses on chest); Equipment needed : Dumbbell and flat bench.
    • Tricep Dip, 3 sets of 6 reps, a minute of pause in between (focuses on triceps);
    • V-Bar Tricep Pushdown, 3 sets of 6 reps, a minute of pause in between (focuses on triceps); Equipment needed : V-bar.
    • One Arm Overhead Cable Tricep Extension, 3 sets of 6 reps, a minute of pause in between (focuses on triceps); Equipment needed : Cable machine.

      Once you’ve got the hang of these exercises, you can include the intermediate-level ones:

      • Decline Dumbbell Bench Press, 3 sets of 6 reps, a minute of pause in between (focuses on chest); Equipment needed : dumbbells, and decline bench.
      • Behind Head Skull Crusher, 3 sets of 6 reps, a minute of pause in between (focuses on triceps); Equipment needed : flat bench, and ez-curl bar.

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        Top 5 muscle building mistakes you’re making

        Looking good and feeling good require patience and hard work. People often think that they can achieve it faster if they do more exercises or if they focus on a single group of muscles. We’ve provided a list of top 5 mistakes people often make so that you can avoid them and do your workout properly.

        The Taylor Lautner workout is different from a regular bodybuilding program, and if you carefully follow it, you will get the mass and outlook you want.

        1. Pro-bodybuilder workouts are suitable for professionals but most people think they can handle them. This is the most common mistake if you don’t have the experience and the constitution of a bodybuilder.
        2. Never forget a leg day. Even though your chest and your arms are very important, you should care about other muscles as well.
        3. Eating less to stay in shape. People are afraid that they will get fat or lose the ripped outlook, but it’s not the case.
        4. Imbalanced meals. We’ve already mentioned the calorie intake, and eating proportionate meals is something most people don’t do.
        5. Expecting quick results. Remember, looking good takes time and patience.

        Taylor Lautner Diet

        Eating a lot of times per day is a quick way to have a constant source of energy. Whether it is a meal or a protein snack, you should fuel your body every two hours if you want to look like Taylor Lautner. As proteins are very important to this kind of diet, you should mainly eat eggs, turkey meat, chicken meat, tuna, vegetables, and a lot of fish.

        The idea behind the Taylor Lautner diet plan is breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner with protein snacks and shakes between the exercises.

        Taylor Lautner Practicing

        How to design your workout program

        Even though this seems like a difficult task, it actually isn’t. Your workout program should include all groups of muscles, and all you need to do is determine the level at which you will begin. People with more experience who are in better physical condition should start with the intermediate level while beginners should perform fewer repetitions.

        Beginner level workout program includes a full body workout with beginner exercises. The Intermediate level workout program includes the beginner level exercises and implements additional (more demanding) exercises which are done in more reps.

        As mentioned before, the Taylor Lautner Workout weight training includes these exercises in a specific amount – the focus is on getting big while being healthy at the same time.

        How to Get Abs like Taylor Lautner

        The Taylor Lautner workout program already includes exercises which improve your abs, so if you follow it you will surely get where you wanted to be. However, in the case that your abs are very underdeveloped, you should do 3 sets of 20 reps of cable crunches at least twice a week. This should give you a good boost for a start.

        The real secret to Taylor Lautner's abs is having a trusted ab workout program designed by his personal trainer. The advantage of having the best ab workouts for men is that the results are already proven and all Taylor needed to do was to follow the program to achieve results.

        • Click here to learn how to get abs like Taylor Lautner.

        Taylor Lautner Workout Summary 

        A Taylor Lautner workout doesn't mean hours in the gym. Workout program should be no longer than 50 minutes with [an additional] 15 minutes of abdominal exercises and 10 minutes of stretching. Be honest with yourself. It's not really about looking like Lautner. It's about becoming a fitter, healthier version of you.

        Forget about lifting every day. It's not what your body needs. Do the workout three days per week -- on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for example. Because if you overdo it, it will lead to burn out both mentally and physically. It is during the recovery that the gains take place.

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