by Daniel Burford July 31, 2016

How can you find the best Adelaide personal trainer? That's the question almost everyone asks when looking to get fit, lose weight, tone up and build muscle. 

After all, personal training is a new experience for a lot of men and women and it's normal to desire the very best personal trainer to help achieve your unique fitness and wellness goals faster.

Some of the most common questions we receive at Hustler Fitness about personal training include:

  • What makes Hustler Fitness the best personal trainer in Adelaide?
  • What exactly is personal training and what can I expect?
  • Who is the best Northern Adelaide personal trainer?
  • When will I see results from personal training?
  • What are the benefits of an Adelaide personal trainer?
  • How do I know who is the best Adelaide personal trainer for me?

In this blog post, I'll cover these points and more. We'll talk about what to expect from personal training, the major benefits and how hiring the best personal trainer can help you more than most people realise.

Let's get started.

What are the benefits of a personal trainer?

Firstly, I should say that long before I became a personal trainer, I was using the services of trainers from a variety of gyms and facilities in different locations around Australia. 

While some were good, others lacked expertise, empathy or a deep understanding of my individual goals. Fortunately, some did and were able to help me achieve incredible results, where I lost 10.6kg & 7.8% body fat in just 8 weeks as I talk about here.

Best Adelaide Personal Trainer

This is the major advantage of a personal trainer. They accelerate results. 

And the best ones have been on the journey and their bodies are living testaments to their fitness knowledge.

But what are the other benefits of personal trainers?

Personal trainers give you confidence. You see body changes sooner. You know what you're doing at the gym. You're shown exercises you'll enjoy doing. Because you enjoy the exercises, you keep doing them.

You feel (and look!) healthier and fitter quicker.

More than just instructors, personal trainers guide you in developing the ideal workout plan to achieve your fitness goals. Whether it is flattening your stomach for swimsuit season, toning your arms, or losing kilograms, a personal trainer can help you get there.

Let's talk more about the benefits of a personal trainer & fitness coach.

Adelaide Personal Trainer Benefit 1: Increased Confidence

Ever walked into a gym to be intimated by the equipment or other people?

This is one of the first things that changes when you start personal training with Hustler Fitness.

You change.

You walk into the gym with the wind at your back. You know what you're doing and how to do it using correct form. You're there to train. You're there to see results.

Best Adelaide Personal Trainer

With understanding, positivity, and encouragement, the best personal trainers at Hustler Fitness will enable you to see the best in yourself, including helping you attain your fitness goals and improving the way that your body functions, looks and metabolises.

This in turn leaves you feeling more confident in yourself and your abilities.

Inside every new gym member is the desire to change. By using the best Adelaide Personal trainer, you gain confidence and start the journey to an increased quality of life.

Adelaide Personal Trainer Benefit 2: Progress

One of the best benefits of hiring a personal trainer is progress tracking & accountability. 

At Hustler Fitness, we track your goals every week and over time. At any time we can show you exactly how your goals are tracking and how they have improved over time. 

Whereas others take a nonchalant attitude to your satisfaction, we're invested in your results and our mission is to provide the support, training and 1 on 1 guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Adelaide Personal Trainer Benefit 3: Enjoyable Workouts that You Stick To

A good personal trainer gives you fun workouts.

Enjoyable sessions that inspire, change and motivate you. Built on your goals so you're able to see and feel noticeable changes in your body, energy and fitness levels.

One of the biggest disadvantages of training on your own is that you can easily get into a rut of the same exercises, same classes and same results week after week. 

Who is the Best Adelaide Personal Trainer

This easily saps the enjoyment, challenge and motivation from training quickly. 

Instead of losing motivation, Hustler Fitness personal trainers allow you to stay on track to reach your goals, leaving you feeling energised and excited about your training after every session.

Adelaide Personal Trainer Benefit 4: Peronal-ised Training (NOT a generic eBook!)

Anyone can perform a workout from Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness or from someone on Youtube, but these are simply cookie cutter regimens that do not take into account the differences between individuals that make each of us unique.

Such programs can easily lead to injuries if you are unprepared for the training techniques involved or are just not familiar with the exercises.

For example, what happens if you've been prescribed to do barbell squats but you unknowingly forget to contract your glutes, cave your knees in or squat too shallow or deep?

The results of such poor form?

At best lacklustre results. At worst, an injury, which is common for those new to exericse without having someone guide them through new exercise and movement patterns.

Best Adelaide Personal Training

In the past, some of our clients have stated how they've purchased such programs, especially "bikini body programs" only to be disappointed by the general, blasé advice that ultimately led to demotivation, poor technique and a bad taste for the fitness industry. 

Instead, by hiring a real world Adelaide personal trainer, you receive custom, tailored workouts based on your specific objectives, the equipment available, the time devoted to exercise, and many other factors (e.g. current mental state, social support, and specific health needs).

Hiring a reputable personal trainer such as Daniel Burford from Hustler Fitness will give you personalised, one on one training tailored to your own individual circumstances and ensure you develop correct form, prevent injury and generally will shortcut results.

Adelaide Personal Trainer Benefit 5: Convenience

One of the best things about personal training is that it allows you to train on your own with confidence. 

You walk into the gym. You know your equipment. You know what you're doing today. 

Adelaide Personal Training

No more guessing. No more wondering how equipment works. No more wondering why others see results that you don't get. 

Personal training gives you the convenience of knowing what you're doing and how to do it. 

Adelaide Personal Trainer Benefit 6: You Save Time and Shortcut Results

How important is your time?

Everyone wants to achieve results quickly.

I've never met a client who didn't want to see results yesterday! 

The advantage of a good personal trainer such as Hustler Fitness - Adelaide Personal Training is that it puts you on the fast track to results. 

While you're not going to lose 10kg or get abs after 1 training session, you will be guided through how to perform the most effective exercises to get the results you desire.

Do you want to know the best exercises to lose weight, build muscle, tone up and get fitter?

Working with a personal trainer will help ensure that you are making the most of your exercise time by introducing you to more efficient exercises and techniques that can accelerate results.

For example, instead of sticking to just conventional deadlifts, at Hustler Fitness - Adelaide Personal Training we use a number of variations based on specific areas you want to target. For example, to strengthen lower back and work your posterior chain we will teach you rack pull deadlifts instead of conventional deadlifts.

Many gym goers don't realise how a simple change of stance, grip or tempo can significantly improve results. Indeed, many trainers without experience or competitive bodybuilding experience fail to realise these differences and their clients never realise those benefits.

This is what separates Hustler Fitness from typical personal trainers. 

Experience. Results driven. Tailored programs. 

The results?

Clients seeing progress, feeling better and quickly developing the confidence to perform advanced exercises on their own.

Adelaide Personal Trainer Benefit 7: Expertise & Accelerated Results

The best Adelaide personal trainers will do the thinking for you.

Instead of guessing what to do at the gym, personal trainers provide you with the training, health and nutritional guidance to confidently make the lifestyle changes you need to reach your goals sooner.

Adelaide Personal Trainer Benefits

At Hustler Fitness, we start each program with a strategy session that sets the scene for our training program. You tell us what you want to work on, what physique you desire. We give you the personalised program to get you there faster.  

Adelaide Personal Trainer Benefit 8: Social support

When you hire the best personal trainer in Adelaide, you are getting a lot more than just someone to count your reps and sets, and spot you- you are also getting a great deal of social support.

When trying to make lifestyle changes, it is 100% normal for people to feel overwhelmed or unsure how they're going to see results.

That's where we step in.

Hustler Fitness trainers provide you with the support you need to not only make a change, but achieve results, maintain the results and then reach new goals.

For example, your initial goal may be to lose 8kg in 3 months. When you achieve that, we reassess, reevaluate and set new targets, such as more weight loss, reduced body fat or to complete a marathon in 3 months!

Adelaide Personal Trainer Benefit 9: Sports-specific Training

Many professional and amateur athletes seek the services of personal trainers during the off-season in order to prepare themselves for in-season competitions. Whether you want to complete the City to Bay run in 3 months, shave some strokes off your golf score or increase your 1RM deadlift, Hustler Fitness personal trainers will tailor your exercise program to your sport of choice.

With the help of a personal trainer, you're able to prepare yourself for the new season or challenge in an effective way that will can help you to reach your goals faster.

Adelaide Personal Trainer Benefit 10: Injury rehabilitation

Accidents and injuries will often hinder you from engaging in your favourite activities.

Adelaide Personal Training Cost

One of the advantages of using an experienced personal trainer in Adelaide is that we will help you  make the journey to recovery as smooth as possible by recommending specific exercises that facilitate improved recovery and enhance overall muscular balance so as to forestall future injuries.

Adelaide Personal Trainer Benefit 11: Special-needs Training

Research shows that people with health challenges such as heart disease, osteoporosis, asthma, or diabetes benefit greatly from physical activity.

Conditions doesn't have to stop you from experiencing the benefits of exercise or personal training.

Custom Workout Plans Adelaide

Instead, it means designing a program and using equipment that takes into account the condition, speaking with your treating doctors and other health specialist/s as required so that you may still experience the huge benefits of personal training, exercise and improved health.

So, is Personal Training Worth It?

Personal training gives you the personalised attention to experience the benefits of fitness faster. 

While some people prefer to train on their own without guidance and support, this can often lead to weeks, months or years of not seeing significant progress.

Personal trainers allow men and women to achieve their fitness goals faster through tailored training programs that factor in your goals, ailments, current starting position and desires.

Instead of guessing what to do at the gym, following generic eBooks or wondering what to do at the gym, Adelaide men and women are able to lose weight, burn fat, build muscle and reach their fitness goals quicker.

The results?

Progress. Gains. Weight loss. Fat loss. Muscle growth.

Better health. Better fitness. Better quality of life.

You always know what to do at the gym. You build confidence, you stay motivated and you achieve your desired physique in a shorter period of time. When you're looking to increase your fitness, tone up, lose weight and regain confidence, click here to get started with the best Adelaide personal trainer.

Daniel Burford
Daniel Burford

Daniel Burford is the founder of Hustler Fitness and the SHREDDED Program, a 12 week program that helps men build muscle, lose fat and get shredded. Check it out by clicking here. For training, nutrition & supplement tips, follow Hustler Fitness on Facebook & Instagram.

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